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We were right there, with Mother Nature. We danced, and we sang…
We saw the hope in their eyes, the innocence and passion…
They are God’s children, so deserving of every good that is in the world…

That day was just love and nothing else.

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Our new website is up with a more user-friendly online store…
Be sure to check it out! :) 

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Big thanks to Verizon, HTC, Plan C for making this tour a success!





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Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) brought me here,
thanks for the love guys!

Cheers to Deborah, part of the team for this tour, and fellow hypebeast blogger.

Walking the streets of DC…

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loving the new campaign by NIKE…

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a gathering of reps from different industries, we sat together for a single purpose - passion.

Wishful Thinking - there’s a lil bit of it in everyone of us, and I believe with wishful thinking comes great inventions and pieces of art…
I believe with a little bit of wishful thinking, we can change the world.

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City of Xi An, China… beautiful.
Great to be performing here, looking forward to my upcoming world tour this July.

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但是今天入圍了, 所以更必須把這份榮耀歸給陪我走過來的每一位朋友。。
後面不管怎樣,我們都一起努力過,一起成長,一起哭泣,歡樂, 這一切都勝過任何其他的獎。


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Always intrigued by how inspiring Beijing can be…
It’s a city for growing art, as well as a place which is known to have kept traditions and cultures very much alive as they were many decades ago.

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The Bible depicted days of giants…
is this proof? or just good photoshop? you decide.

Numbers 13:33 There we saw the GIANTS (the descendants of Anak came from the GIANTS); and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight.”

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Finally revealed… history in the making

the new SMUDGEstore Singapore.

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Here are some sneak peeks to the upcoming SMUDGEstore in Orchard Cineleisure, Singapore…

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In Melbourne for concerts for the first time, didn’t forget to stop by Acclaim office to say hi.
Met up with Andrew Montell, founder of Acclaim magazine, Australia.
We talked about plans to hype up the asian scene in 2010.



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Ever since I submerged myself in the world of rangefinders, I realised it’s hard to pay attention to other forms of photogaphy.
Got the M9 recently, equipped with the 21/f1.4 + 50/f0.95 lenses. I must say the 50/f.095 are one of the best lenses in the world.
Here are some of my first few shots…



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Frida Giannini. She is the creative director of Italian label, Gucci.
We met this week at the Gucci S/S event in Singapore. She is poised and composed, elegant and beautiful, and at the same time greatly respected internationally for her vision and contributions in the fashion industry. Been liking the brand more ever since she represented.
She successfully bridges young and fresh motifs together with high quality and style.
I respect her.



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swung by CLOT office during my short hk trip and said hi.

here are some sneaks from the Adidas 039 look book they gave me. fresh off the oven…

I received a nice gift too!

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Nightfalls, very different sights and sounds at after sunset in Kending…



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The place Kending brings forth a list of other interesting images - beach, waves, bikini, chicks, dudes, rock, electro, hip-hop, sun.
It is THE music festival in Taiwan, where people gather from all over the world to this southern tropical tip called Kending.
Spring Wave marks the beginning of Summer.

墾丁!每次提到這兩個字都會延伸出更多的畫面 - 沙灘,浪花,比基尼,辣妹,帥哥,搖滾,電音,嘻哈,太陽。

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Work can get repetitive, tiring at times, even for performing artistes.
But once in awhile you come across what I call an epic show that revitalizes you… and epic doesnt always mean huge.
The first JJ Party in Taipei truly lived up to the name of “small is big”.
We enjoyed jamming onstage immensely, it was the Spirit of God taking over!
Frankly, I prefer the closeness and honesty of this set more than the rowdy 50,000 football stadium-crowd.

但是有時候我遇到所謂“經典”的一刻會激起奮鬥的精神… 而經典的舞台不代表一定要龐大。
這是在臺北舉辦的第一場 JJ Party,也是非常特別的一場演唱會。

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One year ago on the same day, I spent my nights in this very room.
Back both times for concerts in Singapore, my homies came by to say hi and chill…


I love taking pictures from this height.


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